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Check out the Cycling Action!

The 2024 CANADIAN MASTERS ROAD CYCLING CHAMPIONSHIPS celebrates the bicycle in the areas sport, arts, and culture.  Bicycle Racing Action will draw hundreds of participants and thousands of spectators.  The 2024 event marks the return of 3 exciting championship cycling events as well as some fun cycling activities for all ages.    The event is the continuation of over 20 years of hosting bicycle race events in Victoria, BC. Since 1992, Victoria has hosted the 1994 Commonwealth Games Cycling events, World Cup Track, Provincial Road and Track Championships, Bastion Square Grand Prix, and Robert Cameron Law Cycling Series, which have spearheaded the carriers of some of Canada’s best cyclists and Olympians.  The event is proudly supported by Cycling BC and Cycling Canada as a means to nurture and grow grass roots cycling, engage with the community, and act as a platform for the champions of the sport. 



Canadian Masters Time Trial Championships


Friday July 19 - North Saanich BC

Victoria International Airport Parking Lot

6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Course Link

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Canadian Masters Road Championships

Saturday July 20 - Metchosin BC

Hans Helgesen Elementary School

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Course Link

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Canadian Masters Criterium Championship

Sunday July 21 - Victoria BC

BC Legislature

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Course Link

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If your child is looking for a chance to visit their favourite HopOn coach or try some HopOn-style stunts and games in a new setting, try one of these open kids youth events across the province.

Events styles may include:

  • FREE kids bike races

  • HopOn Expo: A 15-minute skill session at a local festival

  • Behind-the-scenes walkabout at BC’s biggest races

Cycle polo, bicycle polo, or bike polo (polo-vélo in French; Radpolo in German) is a team sport, similar to traditional polo, except that bicycles are used instead of horses.  TWO TEAMS OF THREE RIDE BICYCLES AND USE MALLETS TO STRIKE A SMALL BALL INTO A GOAL. GAMES LAST FOR A SET AMOUNT OF 10-15 MINUTES.

Originating in Ireland in 1891, traditional bike polo is played on grass courts. Modern hardcourt bike polo has roots in the early 2000s in Seattle. Bike messengers would play during down time between deliveries. Hardcourt bike polo spread internationally and is played in over 30 countries. The first world championships were held in Toronto in 2008!

Classic and vintage bikes are on display in our annual Classic Bike Show presented by The Fairmont Empress.   The Show  is open to bicycles that meet the requirements of a “Collector” or  “Vintage” bicycle, usually being 25 years old or older with some exceptions. 

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