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Communiqué - May 11

Dear Participants, please be advised on some important information about the 2019 Robert Cameron Law Cycling Series. A new revision of the Technical Guide has been published and is available for download and circulation. Some key updated items:

Veloguide Time Trial - June 7 at Clover Point / Dallas Road

The race route as indicated in the technical guide will remain as the Dallas Road / Clover Point location and will consist of 3 laps of a 6km circuit. See map link here. The race time will be starting on time at 4pm and will be managed in waves of riders in order to minimize congestion and allow for passing. Start times will be posted online on Wednesday June 5 - Midnight. Note that the start ramp will be located in the "tear-drop" road of Clover Point while the finish will be located near Moss and Dallas road as riders are heading west-bound.

Riders are advised to either arrive early or ride their bikes to the start/finish area as rush-hour traffic congestion in the city will be high which may impact travel time to the venue. Riders are not to park their vehicle on the grass/gravel grounds of the Dallas Road waterfront and only park on designated parking areas on the road.

Motus Cycling Classic - June 7 at Hans Helgesen School, Metchosin

All start times for the road race have been moved out by half an hour, with the first race to begin at 8:00 am. See start times in the latest revision of the tech guide. Racers with disc brake wheels are advised to provide their own spare wheels to race caravan.

Russ Hays Grand Prix - June 8 at the BC Legislature

Please note the following updated start times and race times for each category (as reflected in latest revision of the technical guide):


8:00 AM Masters E,F,G,H Women - 40 min + 5 Laps

9:00 AM Masters D Men 60+ - 30 min + 5 Laps

9:45 AM Masters C Men 50-59 - 40 min + 5 Laps

10:45 AM Awards Presentation W-E/F/G/H M-D/C

10:45 AM Masters B Men 40-49 - 50 min + 5 Laps

11:50 AM Masters A Men 30-39 - 50 min + 5 Laps

1:10 pm Awards Presentation M-A/B

Tim Hortons Timbits Challenge

12:00 PM Check in / Sign on

1:00 PM Start: Ages 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10


1:30 PM (15 min) Youth B Race

(Boys and Girls, U11, U13, Newer U15 Riders)

1:45 PM (20 min) Youth A Race

(Boys and Girls, Strong U15, U17, U19)

2:30 pm Awards for Youth



2:15 PM Novice / CAT 4 Women - 15 min + 5 Laps

2:45 PM Novice / Cat 4 Men - 15 min + 5 Laps

3:15 PM CAT 3 MEN - 35 min + 5 Laps

4:00 PM CAT 1-3 WOMEN - 45 min + 5 Laps

5:00 PM CAT 1-2 MEN - 50 min + 5 Laps

*Awards Presentations for Elite Categories will happen within 15 min of the finish of each respective race.

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