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Communiqué - June 6, 2019 update on TT Course

June 6, 2019

**IMPORTANT** - RIDERS WILL BE STARTING AND RACING ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE ROAD.   Time Trial Start finish area has been moved to Clover Point. 


The finish line of the Veloguide Time Trial on Dallas Road has been moved to Clover Point in order to avoid interactions with riders who are still racing vs. those who are finishing their race.   


Racers will be starting at Clover Point and ride on the left side and turn left onto Dallas Road.   Racers will be doing 3 laps, and on the 3rd lap, finishing at the Inflatable Arch located at Clover Point.


0.00 km Head north on Clover Point toward Dallas Rd Waterfront Trail

0.14 km Stay on left side of road, turn left (West on Dallas Road)

0.35 km Head northwest on Dallas Rd toward Wellington Ave

0.49 km Head northwest on Dallas Rd toward Linden Ave

0.63 km Head west on Dallas Rd toward Marlborough St

Head west on Dallas past Cook Str.

0.91 km Head west on Dallas Rd past Camas Cir

1.43 km Head west on Dallas Rd

1.50 km  left to stay on Dallas Rd

1.53 km Right turn –round

1.53 km Head east on Dallas Rd

1.73 km Head east on Dallas Rd toward Camas Cir

2.05 km Head east on Dallas Rd toward Cook St

2.32 km Head east on Dallas Rd toward Marlborough St

2.47 km Head east on Dallas Rd toward Linden Ave

2.63 km Head southeast on Dallas Rd toward Wellington Ave

2.93 km Head northeast on Dallas Rd past Clover Point

2.96 km Head northeast on Dallas Rd toward Bushby St

3.00 km Head northeast on Dallas Rd toward Bushby St

3.14 km Head northeast on Dallas Rd toward Eberts St

3.91 km Head east on Dallas Rd toward St Charles St

4.09 km Turn Right—Turnaround at St. Charles St.

4.09 km Head west on Dallas Rd past Ross Bay

4.34 km Head west on Dallas Rd toward Memorial Crescent

4.75 km Head southwest on Dallas Rd toward Eberts St

4.97 km Head southwest on Dallas Rd toward Bushby St

5.08 km Head southwest on Dallas Rd toward Bushby St

5.14 km Head southwest on Dallas Rd toward Clover Point (Completed 1 Lap)  Keep Heading West

10.28 km Head southwest on Dallas Rd toward Clover Point (Completed 2 Lap) Keep Heading West

15.41 km Finishing 3rd Lap, Turn Left onto Clover Point towards finish arch.








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Results - Russ Hay's Grand Prix / Masters Championships and All Cats.

June 11, 2019

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